hire us to elevate the

magic of your pre-made website.

hire us to elevate the magic of your pre-made website.

Our design studio is built a little differently. 

We design and you remain in control. It’s a win-win for both of us. In order to be at our happiest, we decided to stick to our zone of genius: designing and making kick ass pre-made websites at jaw-dropping prices. Say buh-bye to waiting until year ten in your business to get the website of your dreams. It starts today, right now.

Launching your website is a big business milestone that should fun and stress free. Our goal is to bring ease and make sure you get online without the hassle or headache. We’re known for our pre-made websites but we also offer a unique suite of services you may interested in.

SERVICES SUCH AS: Mix and Match, Website Customization, Installation and Set-up.


In love with more than one design? Girl, us too! Our Mix and Match option is great for you if you found yourself at a halt because you’re stuck between designs.

Grab your favorite design elements from each website and mix them together to create your very own unique, drool-worthy design.

 The process is simple: 

  • Fill out the application form with the necessary information 
  • We’ll take a look and create three different mock-up variations 
  • Next, we will create and design your new pre-made website, record all brand new personalized step-by-step videos, and send everything your way

You can mix up to 4 different websites. The website is included in this price.

Split payment option available as well.


additional custom design

We get it. You love our pre-made designs but are itching to add some custom work to make the theme a little bit more you.

This is perfect if you’re not wanting full on custom work but just want to add a dash of custom work to your pre-made website.

So how does this work? If you love aspects of Marie Forelo’s website and want to add it to your own, we can remix it and add it in. Or maybe you have your own idea in mind? We can design it too. 

Each custom design is good for one section within your website, so please be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing. 

This can be added on with any of the services you see here.

installation and set-up

Take a small load off your plate with our “installation and set up” package. Here’s everything that is included:

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Upload, installation, and activation of the purchased MSTYLED website
  • Installation and setup of Divi framework
  • The configuration of the website to match the look and appearance of the MSTYLED theme you purchased (fancy talk for we’ll make them look just like the demo)
  • Installation and activation of all recommended plugins
  • Connection and configuration of email platform

However, we will NOT add any of your personal content (text an images), do any customizations, like change colors + fonts, migrate your old blog over or purchase your domain and hosting with this service.